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Lucky-7 light up sign

Lucky 7 light up sign. source:

Lucky number 7

Lucky number 7 sign. source:

Lucky number 7 sign: modern and vintage at the same time…light up your life with a lucky number seven. Cost: $99.95,

Recycled Canvas Number Bean Bag

Recycled Canvas Number Bean Bag. source:

Recycled canvas number bean bag: this monochromatic numerical bean bag is stuffed with charm and easy-living casualness. Cost: $179, (update: no longer available).

Numbers book art

Numbers book art. source: TwistedPages,

Numbers are book smart

Numbers are book smart. source: TwistedPages,

Numbers book art: show off how book smart you really are with these book numbers. Cost is just $15.99 per number and can be ordered through TwistedPages on esty.

Little number plates

Little number plates. source:

Spanish number plates

Spanish number plates. source:

Little number plates: great for desserts and teaching kids how to read their numbers, or, the second set would be fabuloso for a Mexican fiesta. Cost: $90 for set of four plates, (update: item out of stock or no longer available).

Dresser by numbers

Dresser by numbers. source:

Dresser by numbers: DIY and old dresser by stenciling vintage numbers on each drawer. For more numbers decor inspiration and how-tos, visit our numbers post on HomeJelly.

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