Remade mailbox garden tool holder

Remade mailbox garden tool keeper. source:

I remember as a kid how excited I got when a letter actually came addressed to me. There was something about a handwritten envelope with my name on it that was about as special as an unopened package at Christmas. With today’s emails, texts and virtual cards the walk to the mailbox doesn’t hold much anticipation…maybe they should now be called billsboxes. Sigh.

Well, there was something I did find today that rustled up the old butterflies in the stomach feeling again – clever ideas for remaking old mailboxes. The results were so fun and functional, packaged in these iconic metal receptacles; a definite throwback and homage to simpler times. Enjoy these now and maybe you’ll be inspired to create something fabulous with yours.

Remade mailbox garden tool keeper (top photo): old mailboxes can be found at flea markets to hardware stores. Choose an easy to get to area in your garden where you can store garden tools that’ll always be easily accessible.

Remade Mailbox Entryway storage

Remade Mailbox Entryway storage. source:

Remade Mailbox Entryway storage: mount smaller sized and colorful postal boxes for a cheery and fun entryway way to store items for each member of the family.

Remade mailbox bird house

Remade mailbox bird house. source:

Remade mailbox bird house: just a couple steps using cedar wood and a metal pole holder creates this splendidly simple and cute bird condo. I’m betting messenger pigeons will call dibs.

Remade mailbox office organizers

Remade mailbox office organizers. source:

Remade mailbox office organizers: painted white (or found as is) then decoupaged or appliqued flowers (or whatever you wish), you’ll have a custom designed organizing system that is delightfully  reminiscent.

Remade mailbox toilet paper dispenser

Remade mailbox toilet paper dispenser. source:

Remade mailbox toilet paper dispenser: quirky and just a little bit silly, you’ll definitely have “Dropping John a letter” jokes flying when guests visit.

For another idea remaking old mailboxes, visit our “Wabi-Sabi Not-So-Perfect Planters” blog.

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