Studio with indoor swing.

Studio with indoor swing.

I recently had the honor of visiting and speaking with New York expat interior designer, trend spotter and creative enthusiast, Susan Manrao. We met at her West Hollywood studio where I was given a guided tour which included pieces by artists she showcases and collaborates with, and whose work is absolutely unique and special. I frantically snapped off these photos like a kid in a candy store.

Below are images that illustrate both a collection of her work and, what Susan believes is absolutely trending in the world of interior design – a harmonizing of art and decorative, custom-crafted decor. I really thought the warmth of the hand-worked woods, the meticulously sculpted metals, and art-melding-with-decor pieces using uniquely indigenous materials were just “one-of-a-kind” wonderful. I also enjoyed the vignettes of vintage items as well as the high-end reusing of ordinary objects.

With all this being said, I thought you’d like a look-see yourselves. Now, grab a snack or a cup o’ Joe, kick up your feet, and enjoy the tour.

Hand-crafted swing seat

Hand-crafted swing seat.

Silver painted walnuts

Silver painted walnuts.

Hand crafted laser guns made from old gas pump handles

Hand crafted laser guns made from old gas pump handles.

Crushed metal stool

Crushed metal stool.

Rubber tire rug

Rubber tire rug.

Rubber tire rug- closeup.

Rubber tire rug- closeup.

Spool stools

Spool stools.

Design books and vintage shoe form

Design books and vintage shoe form.

Vintage adding machine

Vintage adding machine.

Hand-crafted TV surround from Hawaii

Hand-crafted TV surround from Hawaii.

Side view of TV surround

Side view of TV surround.

Indigenous feather tree

Indigenous feather tree.

Feather tree detail closeup

Feather tree detail closeup.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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