Hammocks inside? It’s a concept we American haven’t fully adopted. However, in other parts of the world, it’s as customary as a pillowed mattress, sofa, or chaise lounge. Now, we may not get on board to spend a whole night’s sleep in one of these swing’n settes  (you know, for back health-related reasons), but certainly we’re in for a quick catnap or a relax and read. Where though, to hang one? The following rooms may offer up some doable ideas and maybe, by way of canvas or crochet, get you rocking your space with some added casual cool.

Boho hammock

Boho hammock. source:

Boho hammock: with warm wood ceilings and beams, deep shag rug and comfy-casual furniture pieces,the pop of color hammock is just what this space needs to give it that “cherry on top” appeal.

Workspace napping hammock

Workspace napping hammock. source: atelierpompadour, flickr

Workspace hammock: what better way to schedule in a power nap than a close-by, hanging hammock? Its utilitarian swing is just the thing to bring you needed energy and a revitalized zest for finishing out the day.

Reading hammock

Reading hammock. source:

Reading hammock: since reading is on the doable list when it comes to hanging out in hammocks, why not install one in your library (or near your bookcase of books)? This may be an incentive to finish off that 400 pager or to bribe the kids into losing themselves in a good read.

Hammock chair

Hammock chair. source:

Hammock chair: you don’t have to go vertical to add an indoor casual hangout. Cuddle up to an overstuffed pillow and allow yourself to be cradled just right. Since this chair requires only a single hook to hang, the options are greater as to where to install it…you might even choose multiple spaces and/or rooms.

Bungalow hammock

Bungalow hammock. source:

Bungalow hammock: no room for a sleeper sofa? Let your guest go “Gilligan” and find a couple posts to hang and unhang a sling bed instead.

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