Molded plywood chair before and after

Molded plywood chair before and after.

If you know HomeJelly, then you know we a-loooove to reuse. What better way to end up with this fabulous “after” molded plywood chair than by reusing its old cushion cover as a pattern/template to create a colorful new one? By the way, I had purchased this (as far as I know) one-of-a-kind, molded plywood lounger at one of my favorite reclaim shops, Grot, in Redondo Beach, California. Even the shop owner had no solid pedigree on this piece-only that it might have been a prototype.

When I first laid eyes on it, I knew an all white chair (fabric, no less) was not gonna fly with a dog who loves to nap on a good chair right after digging several holes in our backyard. I’d instantly envisioned a bolder than peacock blue velvet textile that I later found at Deco Home. Delish. The trick was how to recover these specifically shaped cushions which was easier than I thought.

Deconstruct the old ones and create perfectly sized patterns/templates! In a nut shell, here’s how:

Chair deconstruction

Chair deconstruction.

1. Remove the tufting buttons.

2. Save buttons to recover or reuse. (I used them on one side of the cushion).

3. Remove old cover.

4. Using a seam ripper, remove zipper. Note: you can reuse it for the new cushion.

5. Deconstruct the rest of the cushion. Note: if there is corded edge, you can reuse the inner cording for the new cushion, too!

6. Press the deconstructed old fabric flat.

New chair cushion supplies and pattern

New chair cushion supplies and pattern.

7. Lay out the old cushion fabric onto the new.

8. Pin to new fabric and cut out…you’re on your way to beautiful new cushions and a beautifully renewed piece of furniture!

Note: for full instructions on how to create a corded edged cushion (or pillow), click in and download this picture-filled and easy-to-follow instructional e-book.

Molded plywood chair after

Molded plywood chair after.

Beautiful new fabric, beautiful renewed chair

Beautiful new fabric, beautiful renewed chair!

Molded plywood chair with character

Beautifully renewed molded plywood chair with beautiful new cushions!

Have you reused old cushion covers? How so?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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