DiggersList friend and user, Shelly McMillen Benkman wrote in with a fantastic how-to. The following step-by-step instructions show us how to paint a previously carpeted floor, creating a warm, “butterscotchy”, leathery effect. This project just floored us! What do you think?

How To Paint Concrete Floors

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Gloves

• Hammer

• Pry bar

• Large flat screwdriver

• Pliers

• Sander

• Burnt umber & Butterscotch paint colors (Tru-Test Quality Paints Premium Gloss Polyurethane Floor and Porch)

• Paint roller and brush

• Cotton rags

Here’s what you do:

1. Floor Preparation: Remove the carpeting and carpet tacks, scrape off any adhesive residue, and patch holes from removal of carpet tack strips. (

2. Sand floors and wash. NOTE: We left the cracks to add to the overall look.

3. 2 Color Paint Process:

— Roll a good layer of base color, the butterscotch color and use a brush to trim.

— Once dry, usually 24 hours and tackiness is gone, apply the 2nd paint technique. Use the burnt umber color and apply it with cotton rags which can be purchased in the paint section and resembles t-shirt scraps, or you can use old t-shirts. NOTE: It is good to have many on hand because an over saturated rag will change your effect as you go along.

4. Use a tray to put the paint in and with a wadded up rag dip it in and blot it randomly on the painted floor. NOTE: Blotting instead of streaking gives a really nice stone-like, even leathery texture and makes it slip resistant.

Upkeep: For upkeep I suggest keeping a good coat of a floor wax similar to Mop and Glow on it monthly to fend off the wear and tear of daily living.

I really love the look of our floors and it’s especially great to get away from carpets when you have kids and pets, not to mention those nasty allergens that like to hide in carpet. In this economy, it’s not always in the budget to put in expensive flooring, so this is a very affordable alternative!

Shelly McMillen Benkman is an artist and owner of and lives with her husband Chris in Logandale, Nevada.

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