Finished mirror close up

Finished mirror close up and personal!

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When it comes to decor and design, what is beautiful to you?

Is it the form or function of a piece or structure? Is there a color or texture that grabs your attention? Maybe it’s something unexpected and unique that stops you to take a moment’s glance.

Well, whatever that THAT is…allow it to give you inspiration.

I sure did, when it came to today’s video take on an Anthropologie-inspired mirror. After pulling about 20 or so outfits to try on, I stumbled into the dressing room being ever so careful not to actually stumble over the armload of viscose, rayon ruffled dresses and linen pantaloons I was regretfully dragging on the floor.

But then I saw it.

Like just about everything in this shop, I wanted it! And, like just about everything in this shop…I couldn’t afford it.

Enter my super DIY powers! And, thus, today’s fun how-to: How to Craft an Anthropologie-Inspired Cork Mirror.

Watch the FULL video tutorial!

[mv_video key=”cm4dcztlykgznwbicvqk” sticky volume=”70″ aspectRatio=”16:9″ title=”How To Craft an Anthropologie-Inspired Cork Mirror” thumbnail=””]


14″ beveled mirror

(2) two D-Ring hanging hardware

20 lb. Zinc Plated Narrow D-Ring Hangers with Screws (3-Pack)

E6000-3.7 FL. oz.

E6000 - 3.7 FL oz.

50 (or so) corks

Premium Recycled Corks, Natural Wine Corks From Around the US - 50 Count

craft paint-copper, 2oz. (I used DecoArt’s metallics)

ArtDeco Metallics Copper Acrylic Paint - 2oz.

craft paint-gold, 2oz.

ArtDeco Metallics Acrylic Gold Paint-2oz.

Craft Glue, 8oz. (My absolute favorite is Aleene’s – it holds awesomely!)

Aleene's All Purpose Glue, 8 oz.

natural wood flowers

• ribbon or leather cording


1. Cut corks at varying length. Use a serrated knife to easily slice through those bad-boys. This will give you that super neat-o, artsy look.

Cut corks at varying length

Cut corks at varying length.

2. Dip corks in paint. Before painting, I picked out the red wine-stained ones and set them aside – I just love those colors mixing with the gold and copper. Use take-out condiment cups, they’re absolutely splendid for small paint jobs.

Dip corks in paint

Dip corks in paint.

3. Glue on hanging hardware. I actually cut two small pieces of 1/4″ wood and screwed the hardware to it first. This made for a more secure surface area to bond to the back of the mirror.

Glue on hanging hardware

Glue on hanging hardware. E6000 is so strong, it could glue an elephant to a mirror.

4. Glue corks to mirrors. I used two rows for maximum effect + maximum mirror space for viewing.

Glue on corks

Glue on corks.

5. Add natural wood flowers, then hang. You can use whatever extra embellishments you wish. For hanging, I used leather cording to add more texture and interest to this piece.

Add natural wood flowers, then hang

Add natural wood flowers, then hang.


Finished hanging cork mirror

Finished hanging cork mirror.

How to Craft an Anthro-Inspired Cork Mirror

All photography and video produced by, HomeJelly.

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