Fence 'n sawhorse table feature photo

Fence ‘n sawhorse table is beautifully useful.

Who knew something so functional, cool and beautiful could be created out of scraps and building tools?

The scraps? A piece of leftover wood fencing and old paint from a previous project.

The building tools? A pair of sawhorses bought for $5 total at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Orange County, California (where you can also browse their latest inventory on DiggersList!).


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Not only was this suuuuper easy to make, it’s amazing how often we use it!

 Fence ‘n Sawhorse Uses:

• work surface for DIY projects

• food display table for parties

• outdoor dining table

• garden decor (stand it up against a tree and hang a planter on it – the blue and green look beautiful together!)

And…it’s easy to put away. Just take off the top, fold up the sawhorses and it easily stores in the garage.


• sand paper (medium – P60, fine – 120 for smoothing to finish)

• electric hand sander

• sample can of paint and brushes (leftover if possible!)

• Briwax

• fence, door or leftover wood piece (any wood surface will do!)

• sawhorses (you can find these at flea markets, Habitat ReStores, garage sales and box stores)


  1. Sand. Smoothen top surface and sides of table. Brush off dust afterwards.
  2. Paint. You can apply as much or as little as you’d like…depending on the effect you want.
  3. Sand. This is to get that cool, weathered look. If you’d prefer to keep as is…go nuts!
  4. Apply Briwax. This will soften the surface as well as finish it nicely.
  5. Place. Put on top of sawhorses and you’re done!

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Photography and video AND music by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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