Yup. At our house, we have no need for door bells. We know when neighbors are walking their dogs. We definitely know when the mail carrier has arrived. Our dog Klunkers has proudly taken on the house chore of K9 cop, and though we feel quite safe, sometimes the barking can be a bit alarming…and not in a good way.

Solution? Pet Peek is a home gadget that allows your pooch to have an acrylic-clear view through fences (wood, vinyl, and drywall) and can even be installed in dog runs and his/her own doghouse! Your dog’s ability to see what it hears has been known to cut down on barking and clawing, and can ease anxiety and satisfy its curiosity.

Where to purchase? Visit Pet Peek. Price: $34.98

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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