Shutter shelving

Shutter shelving with simple brackets…so cute! source:

I must admit, I’ve got a habit I really don’t wanna quit – repurposing just about anything that can be repurposed. After all, it’s environmentally prudent, cost-friendly, and, ya gotta agree, comes with a whole lotta bragging rights.

So, on a recent trip to one of our favorite Habitat for Humanity ReStores in Gardena, California, I was delighted to see their inventory flooded with the most amazing repurposing potential! Mind you, Matt and I were on the hunt for a cabinet in hopes to re-imagine and rework it into a TV console for his new office, but alas, that’s the fun of a ReStore…ya never know whatcha gonna get (thanks for that one, Mrs. Gump).

Never one to leave a shopping trip empty-handed, I bought myself a $3.00 terracotta flower pot that eventually blossomed into this brass beauty. Also, I figured I’d click off some photos of what you might just find at your local Habitat ReStore.

Below each item, I offer an example of how you can transform these low-cost, nay .50 cents on the dollar items into something fantastic. These ideas may just inspire you to visit these fine people one day soon. Seriously, this habit is quite a rush. Something I plan on feeding again and again.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Find…

Shutters galore

Shutters galore! source:

Shutters 50 cents on the dollar

Oh, yeah! Shutters .50 cents on the dollar!

Repurposing Potential…

Shutter shelf decor

Shutter shelf decor. source:

Shutters headboard

Shutters headboard. source:

So simple and elegant, old shutters can be sanded, stained (or painted), and finished into unique shelf decor or a very elegant and unique headboard. Brava! And…I couldn’t forget my gal-pal Shannon Quimby’s brilliant use of a shutter! Click onto the image below to see more of her FABulous repurposing projects!

Shutter chandelier

Shutter chandelier “medalion”. source:

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Find…

Finial find!

Finial find! source:

There were loads of these beauties! Sanded and repainted or aged, these could stand alone as shapely shelving decor…or…with a simple light kit and burlap or peek-a-boo lampshade, you have this…

Repurposing Potential…

Finial lamps

Finial lamps. source:

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Find…

Unique mirrors

Unique mirrors. source:

Unique mirrors are often very expensive and hard to find. Left as is, painted or embellished, you’ve got the start of a unique and eclectic…

Repurposing Potential…

Eclectic mirror display

Eclectic mirror display wall. source:

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Find…

Cabinet door cache

Cabinet door cache. source:

Talk about cache! Well, luckily these are not hidden away, but on display! Seeing that I love the holidays all year ’round, I thought I’d share something on my project list. We’re talking a wonderful-for-Christmas…

Repurposing Potential…

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration. source:

One more! Click in to our Cabinet Door Erasable Shopping List to-do project shared by our friends at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Riverside for a super easy project this weekend!

Tell us which one of these projects is your favorite! Please share!

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