Earlier this month, DiggersList made a new best friend: Habitat for Humanity. We started getting in contact with them a few months ago to see how we might be able to help them, and voila – we were a match made in heaven!

We were surprised to learn that there are zillions of different Habitat branches throughout the states (click here to find your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore)…and these branches are basically brick & mortar versions of DiggersList – they gather secondhand materials, tools, home appliances, etc. and sell them at a discounted price to help support their famous home-building efforts.

Enough of me jabbing my handsome jaw off, here is Nicole Cordero from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles to explain it for me…

Well put, Nicole!

You may have noticed she mentioned something called the DiggersList Widget…yup, she’s not speaking jibberish. The widget lets you stream your DiggersList classifieds to your own website so that people who go to your site can see your listings without having to navigate away.

We are pumped – these people rule, and their cause is amazing.

Stay tuned, my friends. We have some incredible new things unfolding that I am not allowed to tell you about yet, but that will be worth the anticipation!




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