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Gourd figures

Gourd figures. source: Mama Gourds, etsy

Gourd figures, perfect to whimsy up a book case or shelf. Price: ≈ $109, available at Mama Gourds, etsy.

Gourd vase

Gourd vase. source: amazon.com

Gourd vase shows off its metalic chive nature as well as a beautiful branch bouquet. Price: $17.75, available for purchase at amazon.com…to order one click here.

Felt harvest gourds

Felt harvest gourds. source: atwestend.com

Felt harvest gourds are so cute, you’ll have your Thanksgiving company wanting to steal them. Price: $49 for set of 5, available atwestend.com (see what I did there?).

Blue gourd lamp

Blue gourd lamp. source: elledecor.com, designed by Christopher Spitzmiller, Inc.

Blue gourd lamp is just the well-traveled, boho-chic touch you can add to your space. Price: contact designer at christopherspitzmiller.com.

Gourd birdhouse

Gourd birdhouse. source: amazon.com

Gourd birdhouse merges modern with nature (bird not included). Price: $12.99, available at amazon.com.

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