Sliding door flat track for the laundry room

Sliding door flat track for the laundry room.

It may be in my DNA that I have a major attraction to barn doors. Could the reason be that our family owns a fifth-generation farm in Minnesota? Hmm…that’s probably it. The other reason may be because barn doors are awesome in so many ways-they’re attractive, practical, space-savers and the life of the party when it comes to adding architectural detail and uniqueness to your home.

So, when I was approached by Barn Door Hardware, I was instantly intrigued. Still, I wanted to take a look-see at their inventory to make sure it was HomeJelly worthy. Boy, were they! I discovered that barn doors are not just about reclaimed and salvaged materials, but about the possibilities this old world mechanism offers!

The mounted hardware and sliding principles can now be updated to a more sleek, stylish and modern version, with materials that reflect a more “in-the-now” aesthetic that can be applied to areas of our home we may have never thought of before now.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m still “old school” when it comes to these beauties, but it’s really exciting to see new versions of a long-established design element that can now appeal to more people. Take a look at my favorite barn door hardware designs below along with some very creative installations. I’m quite confident they will inspire you to consider these solutions for your spaces, large or small, indoor or outdoor, rural or urban.

Flat Track Barn Door Hardware

This is a classic and easy-to-install barn door track system used for interior and exterior installation. What I really love are the different types of finishes: standard black, clear coat (a more natural finish), machine polished and rust. Styles range from straight, arrowhead, horseshoe, teardrop, spoke tee style, and one I’ve never seen before, swivel.

Our favorite: Straight

Clear coated flat track

Clear coated flat track hardware.

Sometimes, less is more. The straight, flat track hardware is, well…straight forward in design and function.

Clear coat flat track hardware

Clear coat flat track plays nicely with a rustic door.

I love this clear coat finish that pairs beautifully with its rustic door companion.

Flat track clear coat bedroom barn door-Top photo

Flat track clear coat bedroom barn door.

There are more ways than one to dress up a bedroom.

Our favorite: Flat Track Horseshoe Roller:

Horseshoe sliding door hinge

Horseshoe sliding door hinge.

I love the craftsman vibe of this horseshoe flat track roller. It would look fancy on both a rustic and newer wood door.

Horse shoe barn door hardware

Horse shoe barn door hardware is stunning.

The black finish on this hardware pops as a real architectural feature, almost upstaging the six window paned door.

Horse shoe red door

Horse shoe red door.

Talk about style! Somehow, this barn door ticks the following boxes: modern, industrial and old world. Fab.

Stainless Steel Contemporary Barn Door Hardware

It pretty much says it in the name: contemporary. This style of hardware has a modern sleekness to its design, so much so that the term “barn door” could be considered ludicrous! Still, when you see how it showcases its sliding practicality, you’ll have to tip your imaginary hat at how it perfectly marries form and function.

Our favorite: Duplex

Duplex stainless steel contemporary hardware

Duplex stainless steel contemporary hardware.

Teetering on “steampunk”, but still ending up on modern, these clean and elegant mechanics beg to be featured and will definitely be admired.

Duplex on door

Duplex on a rusted door.

The skillfully juxtaposed rust against stainless steel would impress any design professional.

Tubular Barn Door Hardware

Our favorite: Oden


Oden bamboo material option.

When you can pair nature with modern industrial design, you’re more than likely going to have a winner on your hands. This bamboo material option of the Oden hardware is an altogether new take on the barn door feature, as it transports us from the country to the islands.

Fantastic installation solution using the Oden sliding door system

Fantastic installation solution using the Oden sliding door system.

As a fun installation option, this tubular hardware top mount showcases art as well as hides, what designers despise as a room’s focal point, the much desired television. A clever solution indeed, cuz, let’s face it folks, many of us would be lost as to where to point our furniture!

Barn Door Options

Hop on over to DiggersList to find doors with character and a modest price.

How to install a barn door

Here is a fantastic video for those of you wishing to DIY a barn door of your own (this is specifically for installing flat track hardware:

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