Dipped chairs

Dipped chairs. source:

I am a Scandinavian in so many ways, especially when it comes to the clean and seemingly “never goes out of style” feel of its decor. I’m also reminded of my heritage when I see what’s trending these days: furniture and accessories dipped in paint – and, oh how I just love it! Why? Mainly because it’s a bit cheeky and fun, but mostly I appreciate the natural materials left exposed with this stylized technique (which is also reminiscent of the “Scandies” mode). Today, I’ve hand-picked some of my favorites for you , some that include how-tos…so sit back and enjoy a morsel or two of these delicious design candy pieces.

{Dipped chairs} top photo: color topped seating is sweet and simple which is grounded by warm wood legs that gives weight to an otherwise pastel-light room.

Dipped baby food jars

Dipped baby food jars. source:

{Dipped baby food jars}: fantastic for most any occasion, baby jars are washed and dipped in paint, then filled with tiny bouquets. Filling the jars with tea candles would also be fab. Paint dipped baby food jars DIY how-to included.

Dipped table

Dipped table. source:

{Dipped table}: subtle details like this faint dusky grey blue paint added to the very bottom of this table’s legs brings in real decor confidence and fantastic “cool factor” design, creatively tying the entire space together. Painted table and dip dye legs how-to included.

Dipped wine glasses

Dipped wine glasses. source:

{Dipped wine glasses}: here’s an easy and elegant way to bling-up ordinary wine glasses. Perfect for a holiday party, gold and silver paint will go a long way to looking more expensive. For a more day to day imbibing experience, choose any fun color that makes you happy. DIY gold dipped holiday glasses how-to included.

Dipped entryway table

Dipped entryway table. source:

{Dipped entryway table}: say hello to guests with a whimsically painted table. This one was bought at IKEA, customized to suit the owner’s style, then dipped in a very modern and cheery color…He-LLO! Svalbo-hack how-to included.

Dipped pillows

Dipped pillows. source:

{Dipped pillows}: yes, fabrics can be dipped in dye then wrapped around a pillow to create something super interesting and organic. Use simple white or dip any patterned material for a cool pop of interest. Pillows with dyed bands how-to included.

What decor piece would you dip?


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