For year’s I have been filing away pictures of furniture, lighting ideas, paint colors, the quintessential bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc., my dream home pressed between a manila file folder waiting to be realized in 3D.  Today, I have leapt with both feet into the refreshing technological pool of iPad applications, and one of them, in particular, has made a real splash with me.  It’s called Houzz, a virtual home design idea picture book, which includes fantastic photos and room ideas from design professionals and DIYers alike.  Best of all, my filing cabinet will have more room thanks to Houzz’ personalizing function which enables users to “dog ear” their favorite photos and ideas and save them in their “My Houzz” file.

There certainly has been quite a bit of buzz with Houzz, and the fact that this app is free…just makes my heart all a flutter. As I surfed through the interior of Houzz, I was very impressed by the following features:

  • overall simplicity and easy navigation
  • photo quality, quantity, and full-screen to grid viewing options
  • selection of room “styles” (from Asian to Mediterranean)
  • inclusion of “metro” designs (from LA to NY, even London to Tel Aviv)
  • fantastic and updated design articles, tips, and links

Besides the fact that my iPad is my new virtual best friend, I’m even more excited about its possibilities and the resources at its avail. If you’ve joined the more than 3.27 million people who have purchased this prized apple product, jump in and download the Houzz.

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