Casters. Source: VintageIndustrial,

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, just use it. That’s what many designers and DIYers alike are certainly doing these days with casters. This trending hardware accessory is being attached to everything from tables, chairs, dressers and now just about anything those of us want to be moveable. Why the rolling rage? Well, clearly they’re practical. They also add a hip, rock-star vibe to furniture, upping the mod factor because of its ironically vintage spin (uh, yeah, I just did that). Enjoy these round bites of delicious design and see where you might reuse the wheel.

Rolling coffee table. Source: VintageIndustrial,

{Rolling Coffee table}: cool and industrial, this low table can easily be wheeled away to give way for a good game of Twister.

Rolling garden equipment box. Source:

{Rolling garden equipment box}: transformed from trash to treasure, this previously boring-grey, metal filing cabinet went from housing files to pitch forks. The wheels are the perfect and practical accessory. Note: For how-to, click on the image.

Rolling cabinet. Source:

{Rolling cabinet}: after repurposing a glass-front bookcase with a decoupage of wallpaper and attached tangerine-orange casters, you’ve now got yourself some zesty design candy. Note: For how-to, click on the image.

Rolling shelving. Source:

{Rolling shelving}: who knew a pink industrial cart could end up looking so elegant? Yet, with crisp white shelving and a smattering of interesting and practical accessories, this totally works. Does anyone else wonder how this is balancing?

Rolling book ends. Source:

Rolling photo paperweight. Source:

{Rolling accessories}: because of these caster’s vintage charm, they’re naturally attractive accessories on their own. The second image shows how DIYer, Jane from Mamie Jane’s practically reinvents the wheel by turning it into a rolling photo album. Note: For how-to, click on the image.

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