Cupcake floral place setting

Cupcake floral place setting.

Martha Stewart has nothing on my Aunt Mim. Every holiday, whether she hosts or not, “Mimmie Mouse” will bring something hand-made to the table, adding a touch of elegance and specialness, which always feels like a decorative hug. With Easter hopping its way up the calendar, I thought I’d share one of her crafty and creative ideas: a cupcake flower place setting (she also shares these sweet spring flower DIY’d napkin rings you can pair with this project). Not only is this a beautiful and clever decoration, it’s also very thrifty in price. And yes…that’s a good thing.

Cupcake flower place setting…here’s what you need:

Cupcake floral supplies

Cupcake floral supplies.

  • cupcake tin
  • basket cupcake wraps (or you can use regular cupcake wraps and glue a thin, bendable twig or French ribbon to the sides of the wrap for the handle)
  • ice cream scoop or cookie cutter (the approx. size of your cupcake tin)
  • floral foam
  • knife
  • small dish
  • flowers (bought or from your garden)
  • optional: glue

Here’s what you do:

1. Place your cupcake tin inside your cupcake wrap. Note: Do not use a paper insert, as the water for the flowers will soak through.

Optional: if your cupcake wrap doesn’t have a handle, make one using a thin, bendable twig or French ribbon and glue to the insides of the wrap. You can also take a regular ribbon, spread Elmer’s glue to cover it, and once dry, it’ll be stiff, clear and able to make into a handle as well.

Cupcake tin and basket wrap

Cupcake tin and basket wrap.

Cupcake tins and wraps, too

Other kinds of cupcake wraps. Add your own DIY handle and you’ve got a custom basket. Note: be sure to add a tin insert to any wrap to insure water doesn’t soak through and leak.

2. Using your ice cream scoop or cookie cutter, push into floral foam to create the shape you need.

Ice cream scoop shape in floral foam

Ice cream scoop shape in floral foam.

3. Cut foam all the way through, then carve sides to fit inside your cupcake tin.

Cut out foam shape

Cut out foam shape.

Carve to shape

Carve to shape. Here, my aunt demonstrates working so fast…it’s a blur!

4. Soak foam in water-filled dish for one minute.

Soak foam for one minute

Soak foam for one minute.

5. Arrange flowers into floral foam. Note: these were snipped from my cousin’s garden…seasonal and free!

Arrange flowers into foam

Arrange flowers into foam.

6. Place flowers into basket and set out for guests.

Place flowers in cupcake basket and set out for guests

Place flowers in cupcake basket and set out for guests.

These are a lovely take-home gift for guests to remember the special day. This table setting can also be used for other types of occasions as well: showers, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

What flowers would you display in this cupcake wrap place setting?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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