Sometimes referred to as “the 5th wall”, ceilings are now being considered in design plans as a major focal point in a room. Why not? With mindful consideration, color choices and even a splash of silliness, the shape of our home spaces might just be looking up.

Graphic bathroom ceiling

Graphic bathroom ceiling. OM home, flickr

{Graphic bathroom ceiling}: add a splish-splash of wow in your bathroom by pairing white walls with a bold color and graphic ceiling.

Wood etched beam ceiling

Wood etched beam ceiling. source:

{Wood etched beam ceiling}: customized wood beams may be a costly choice, but they will add warmth and old world sophistication to your home.

Gingham ceiling

Gingham ceiling. source:

{Gingham ceiling}: familiar patterns applied to unexpected places is a recipe for fantastic design. Take this green gingham that was first painted onto canvas, then applied to this 5th wall, creating a kitchen that is unexpected, homey and happy.

Ceiling fan airplane

Ceiling fan airplane. source:

{Ceiling fan airplane}: okay, so this particular airplane mural isn’t actually painted on the ceiling, but it certainly could be. What a great way to incorporate your child’s ceiling fan into a fun aeronautical design scheme…maybe even into a clock, the wings of a bird, even the petals of a flower.

Wallpaper ceiling

Wallpaper ceiling. source:

{Wallpaper ceiling}: neutral walls set the stage for a sensational wallpapered ceiling that becomes the star of this room’s show.

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