Before you throw away a tired piece of furniture or pass up a “vintage find” you might run across on DiggersList, use your imagination and try and come up with a way to bring that old piece back to life…usually, a coat of paint will do the trick.

Before: Not-real wood, tired ‘ol console.

I have owned this console table for eight years that I bought “for the time being”, and to tell you the truth, it’s not even real wood. We moved into a new home about a year ago and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the piece.  A suggestion for people: If you don’t know what to do with a piece, put it where you think you might like it and live with it for awhile.  Let the furniture speak to you!

Still living with it “for the time being”, I thought paint and prettily placed plates might spruce it up. Uh…nope.

As you can see, it looked pretty pitiful and eventually I got tired of looking at it as it was so I decided to prime the piece and paint it black. Once it was painted I switched out the knob.  Have fun with the hardware, it’s like jewelry for your furniture!

A coat of black paint and a jeweled handle made all the difference.

To style the piece, I used some plates I already owned and arranged them in a grid on the wall. I gathered some of my silver pieces, and to finish it, I added some life with a plant! Totally easy and an entirely new look!

After: Revitalized, bejeweled, and styled. Mission accomplished!


This post was written by Laurie Jones, an interior designer and
blogger.  To view more of her furniture makeovers visit her at House to your Home.