I’ve got about three of them crammed together on a crowded book shelf. You know, those simple, raw, wooden magazine holders you can pick up at Ikea for about $9.99 (for a set of two, even!). It’s a good idea in theory, but then I realize, those same magazines, (nay, neatly organized) haven’t been paged turned for over a year! Yep, I begin to sense it, that “design vs. practical” itch I’ve developed over the years, enabling me to stay on top of clutter and to keep the things I don’t need or use moving out of my house. In other words, even though there are items designed to meet our “needs”, sometimes they’re just plain “junk collectors” in fancy-decor disguise!

The solution? If you have that same “itch” to throw things away, think repurpose. The DIYers at Design Sponge did just that with today’s “Before & After”. They took a possible trash can candidate and with a little creative perspective, stain, level and wall screws, turned it into a fantastic small space shelf, cubby included. Now, that’s not only practical, it’s just plain sweet.

Before/After photo: cottoncandycastle, Flickr

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