Isn’t it ironic how we have such a silly fascination with cartoon-like mouse holes, yet, the thought of mice scampering around or inside the walls of our home is just, well…gross?!? It must be our childhood kicking in at the site of these perfect mini archways (ala Tom and Jerry), and the mysterious kind of animated world that might possibly exist behind their thresholds. Dog owner, David Andora must have been a Saturday morning cartoon-watching kinda kid, evidenced by this mouse-hole style doggy-door he installed in the wall between his office and bedroom closet, a place where his dog Comet is often found retreating to during the day. Comet, would you like a piece of cheese?

Comet snuggling up in the closet, on the other side of the mouse hole.

Comet’s Cave from David Andora on Vimeo.

Photos and how-to instructions: davidandora via

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