Traditions are very much a part of the Christmas and holiday season, especially when it comes to the beloved tree, adorned with years of memories and lit up to remind us of the magic we all aspire to capture like we did as children. More and more, we’re beginning to see new customs arise like these alternative arbors, igniting creative and beautiful ways to celebrate this delightful time of year.

Plywood & Candle Tree: for the DIYer and power tool fanatic. Photo: Sandra Lindner

Ladder Tree: a simple and architecturally interesting arbor. Photo: via

Drying rack tree: brought in to avoid washing clothes or found online or salvaged, this quirky-cool tree is “drying” to be decorated. Photo: via

Painted plywood tree: even the kids can get in on this one…scrap plywood and paint is all it takes. Photo:

Out and about shopping, I snapped off a few pictures of this alternative tree. Can you guess what it is? Photo: Skaie Knox

…still can’t tell? Photo: Skaie Knox

You guessed it! It’s a shopping cart tree! I found this beauty on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA. I think the Ralph’s down the street was short a few carts. Photo: Skaie Knox

Would you place any of these in your home?

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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