CB2's flex gravel sleeper sofa. source:

CB2’s flex gravel sleeper sofa. source:

Sleeper sofa.

Sofa bed.

Convertible lounger.

Yeah…they’re all pretty much futons.

And thanks to the passage of time, design learning curves, and taste, you won’t find any of today’s futons that even closely resemble your college roommate’s. Nope, these are sleek, modern, and able stand to up (or, rather fold out) to any sofa you might place in any room in your house.

We also thought it would be fun to pay homage to our new HomeJelly friend and fellow Angelino, Liz Climo. She is a quirky-cool animator, author and a storyboard revisionist for The Simpsons.

Liz Climo. source:

Liz Climo. source:

She also started out living in L.A. sleeping at a friend’s house on a futon for three months.

Yep. Roommate’s. Futon.


And so, as the Simpsons proclaim, “You can’t win friends with salad,” we thought we’d try with a book giveaway! (Scroll down for details).

Meanwhile, take a gander at these updated, mod-modern “two-fer” futons that are flat out fabulous.

Flex Sofa [Futon] ($999 – also shown in the top photo): we actually have one of these and it is fantastic. It not only looks great, everyone who sleeps on it says it’s the best night of rest they’ve had. Well…one little trick? Make sure you cover it with a memory foam mattress pad (ours is by Novaform). It’ll make all the difference in the world!

Flex sofa is the modern futon

Flex sofa is the modern futon. source:

Flex sofa comfortably sleeps two

Flex sofa comfortably sleeps one, and two smaller humans. source:

Figo Lounger [Futon]($560): What’s not to like about this fun lounging futon for one? Perfect for video game playing, reading a book or taking a mid-day or mid-night snooze. I’ll take the orange one.

Figo Futon Lounger for one is a perfect and cool piece of futon furniture

Orange Figo Futon Lounger is mod and modern

Figo Futon Lounger for one is a playful and cool piece of futon furniture. source:

Florence Graphite Fabric [Futon]($1,051): With modern-casualness and functionality, it’s clear what the designers of this modern futon had in mind.

Florence Graphite Fabic Futon

Florence Graphite Fabric Futon bed

Florence Graphite Fabric Futon even has a headrest…what will they think of next!

1940s Daybed[early Futon]: admittedly, this one’s a bit of a teaser. Not only is this early version of a futon not available to purchase, it’s a hard piece to find. Still, we thought we’d inspire you to place this beauty on your flea market find list. Get hunting and goood luck!

1940s daybed - an early all-in-one futon. source:

1940s daybed – an early all-in-one futon. source:


Twilight sleeper sofa [futon]

Twilight Sleeper Sofa [Futon]($2,100): this one’s all dressed up like a modern icon! With sleek lines and a built-in headrest, as well as its ability to convert to one and two sleep spaces, you almost want to put wheels on it and race it down the street!

Dark Orange Twilight futon is too cool

Twilight futon sleeps one

Twilight futon sleeps two

Twilight futon sleeps one AND two! source:

Long Horn Deluxe Convertible Sofa [Futon]($1,990): Here’s another sleek sleeper sofa that’s definitely left the 80s and 90s version of a futon in its rear-view mirror.

Long Horn Deluxe Convertable Sofa futon is moder and sleek

The Long Horn Futon looks like a couple Tetris game pieces

The Long Horn Futon looks like a couple of Tetris game pieces and unfolds into a full-sized bed. source:

Now then…on to our

Book Giveaway!

Liz Climo’s lobster is the best medicine: a collection of comics about friendship

Lobster cover

You’ll adore this wonderful selection of sweetly drawn and cleverly conceived conversations between friends. With each comic-filled page, your smile will deepen, with each quip your heart will fill with joy. You, your friends and family will want to savor every last drop of Liz’ humor.

Lobster is the best medicine (as well as her other books and gift items) is a perfect gift for any time of year. Visit her shop page to learn more and how to purchase.

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