5 Eco-Friendly Gingerbread Houses Sweet On the Environment

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Green building has come a long way in the past 30 years and continues to grow in popularity.  In fact, eco-friendly building has now spread like frosting onto the culinary construction world of gingerbread house-making. Enjoy these inspiring and sweet-to-the-environment baked abodes as we send a “cyber high-five” to each of these architects.

1. The Eight Green Elements Gingerbread House

Photos courtesy of palermobakery.com.

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey’s “Palermo’s Bakery” submitted this 1st prize winning house, that required at least six green elements to be included in its design.  Featured in this house are:

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Storage Tank
  2. Ground-source heat-pump external ground loop
  3. Vegetable garden box
  4. Low-impact recycled car tire foundation
  5. Solar panels
  6. Micro wind turbine
  7. River
  8. Natural Forest Habitat

NOTE: See if you can find each element!

2. Solar/Wind Powered Gingerbread Home

Photos courtesy of mlive.com.

Designed and constructed by Muskegon, Chicago’s Paula-Marie Kule for an “eco-friendly house” themed pastry contest, this wind and solar gingerbread home touts green benefits for both the environment and the economy. Love me some pretzel logs!

3. Recycling Gingerbread Cottage

Photos courtesy of hippyshopper.com.

This delightfully delicious eco-minded cottage crafted by Neviepiecakes could convince anyone to recycle. In fact, it also promotes wind power with its edible turbine, sweet organic gardening, and emissions-free travel by yummy bicycle.

4. Earthship Lollipop

Photos courtesy of sfweekly.com.

Taking green to the confectioner’s extreme, designers Khai Foo and Elise Young have demonstrated their knowledge of eco-construction by including tasty wind turbines and sugary solar panels, thus, according to them, creating the first LEAD (Leadership in Edible Architectural Design) gingerbread house.

5. Sweet LEED Ginger Pad

Photos courtesy of inhabitat.com.

Architect and LEED AP Kristina Hahn Ateller builds this sweet “Cake Study House 09” and applies her expertise in green and modern building by creating this savory gingerbread desert home with clean-lines, new-school architecture and eco-inspired elements.

Post written by Skaie Knox, DiggersList’s “Chief Bloggerette”.

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