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Today, I thought I’d share these 10 reasons why you need to scoop your poop. Okay, well, not specifically your poop, but certainly your pooch’s. Our homes are not just our indoor spaces, but also the outdoor and surrounding neighborhood.

So, it’s important to be good K9 citizens, including understanding the environmental impact of not cleaning up after our dogs, even in our own backyards. Thanks to PoopBuddy‘s infographic below, we can now learn how the cycle of “doodie” decomposition begins and ends. You’ll discover all kinds of interesting facts and debunked myths regarding these particular “lawn ornaments”, along with how you can properly dispose of them. Scroll down and have a quick read…you’ll soon be number one in the number two business.


Make your own “Scoop the Poop” sign, or visit WoodinYou’s shop on etsy to purchase one hand-made. Price: $16.00.

Please scoop the poop sign

Please scoop the poop sign made by WoodIn You, etsy.

Feature photo source: WoodinYou, etsy; top photo source:

This was NOT a sponsored post…we just love our dogs and the environment and believe in being good to both.

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