Wallpaper Ain’t for Wussies

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Why is it that when it comes to DIY decor, wallpapering seems to be the proverbial elephant in the room? Seriously, no one wants to talk about the seemingly insurmountable task of laying even a single panel!

Well, in today’s post, I won’t either (syke!). However, I will present some fabulous patterns and links to easy installation how-tos that might just inspire even the most dubious of DIYers to take a crack at adorning their walls with paper.

{Flavor Paper Wallpaper}

Flowers wallpaper

Flowers wallpaper. source: flavorpaper.com

Andy Warhol-esque Flowers wallpaper pops

Andy Warhol-esque Flowers wallpaper pops! source: flavorpaper.com

Ziggy Diamond wallpaper

Ziggy Diamond wallpaper. source: flavorpaper.com

Ziggy Diamond wallpaper sparkles

Ziggy Diamond wallpaper sparkles. source: flavorpaper.com

Charred Cedar wallpaper

Charred Cedar wallpaper. source: flavorpaper.com

Charred Cedar elevates any wall

Charred Cedar elevates any wall. source: flavorpaper.com

Your room will stand out with sophistication dressed in these bold, yet distinct papers. These designs are definitely not for wussies.

{Anthropologie Wallpaper}

Peonies wallpaper

Peonies wallpaper. source: anthropologie.com

Peonies on the wall

Peonies on the wall. source: anthropologie.com

Mushroom Forest wallpaper

Mushroom Forest wallpaper. source: anthropologie.com

Mushroom Forest wallpaper so enchanting

Mushroom Forest wallpaper so enchanting. source: anthropologie.com

Great Meadow Mural rolls - covers 119.5 square feet

Great Meadow Mural rolls – covers 119.5 square feet. source: anthropologie.com

Great Meadow mural

Great Meadow mural. source: anthropologie.com

Designed to enchant and delight, these beautiful wallpapers and mural will create a story all their own, which can then be added to yours.

{Hygge & West Removable Wallpapers}

Petal Pusher (blue) wallpaper

Petal Pusher (blue) wallpaper. source: hyggeandwest.com

Petal Pusher (blue) Tile is so sophisticated

Petal Pusher (blue) Tile is so sophisticated. source: hyggeandwest.com

Otomi (red) tile wallpaper echos Scandinavian design

Otomi (red) tile wallpaper echos Scandinavian design. source: hyggeandwest.com

Otomi (red) Tile is delightfully graphic

Otomi (red) Tile is delightfully graphic. source: hyggeandwest.com

Daydream (cream) removable wallpaper tile

Daydream (cream) removable wallpaper tile. source: hyggeandwest.com

Daydream (cream) Tile on the wall

Daydream (cream) Tile sweetly hangs on the wall. source: hyggeandwest.com

Vintage joined modern design and created these wonderful patterns. Go nuts and try to DIY an install with these removable paper tiles…think of your wall as one big sticker book.

{Wallpaper Installation Video Tutorials}

Below are some fantastic video tutorials to help you look that DIY-wallpapering elephant in the eye!

How to Hang Wallpaper (video) by Hygge & West

How to Hang Paper Wallpaper (video) by This Old House

How to Install Removable Wallpaper (video) by Chasing Paper

How to Remove Removable Wallpaper (video) by Chasing Paper

Now It’s Your Turn!

Have you ever hung wallpaper? We’d love to hear your tips!


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Written By Skaie Knox

Skaie Knox is a storyteller on a quest to provide sparkling content through copywriting, songwriting and video production. She is founder of HomeJelly, Ruggable.com's key copywriter, a published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!). For doable DIY video tutorials, subscribe to her HomeJelly YouTube channel (for link, click on my nose!).