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Stuff. Repurposed Fall Decor.

Repurposed rake wall art

Repurposed rake wall art. source:

Repurposed rake wall art: Pull the one you’ve been storing out in the shed and turn it into a perfect autumn leave show piece. Thank Miss Effie for this fabulous fall idea.

Repurposed autumn time display

Repurposed autumn time display. source:

Repurposed autumn time display

Repurposed shutters, pumpkin-filled lanterns, upside-down urns table legs, etc.. source:

Repurposed autumn time display: From the shutter chalk boards to the pumpkin-filled lanterns, you can gather all kinds of repurposing ideas from the clever folks at Our Fifth House.

Repurposed basketball hoop wreath

Repurposed basketball hoop wreath. source:

Repurposed Bundt cake tin wreath

Repurposed Bundt cake tin wreath. source:

Repurposed basketball hoop and Bundt cake tin wreaths: The unusual can result in the most charming of things. You can find even more fun repurposing fall ideas when you hop on over the Chipping with Charm.

Repurposed sweater vases

Repurposed sweater cozies source:

Repurposed sweater vase and candle cozies

Repurposed sweater vase and candle cozies. source:

Repurposed sweater vase and candle cozies: You’re not the only one who wants to be wrapped in a knit sweater. These repurposed vase and candle cozies will bring a warm and snugly vibe to any room. For the full how-to, visit By Stephanie Lynn.

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