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Designer duct tape display at Target

Designer duct tape display at Target. Source:

On a recent visit to Target, I came across a fantastic display of designer duct tape. I mean, I knew they existed, but was very impressed by the abundance of colors, patterns, and prints. This was definitely a blog in the making, so I embarked upon a DIY duct tape quest and was surprised at the elegant results. With a keen and tasteful eye and by selecting appropriate color and pattern choices, upcycling items for your home using this typically utilitarian tape can end with glamorous decor.

Duct tape table

Duct tape table. Source:

Duct tape table: Completed in 10 minutes…this was a simple white table wrapped in delicious rainbow duct tape color.

Duct taped dresser drawers

Duct taped dresser drawers. Source:

Duct taped dresser drawers: this 30 minute project simply required removing the pulls, then applying this checked tape…easy peasy! Visit Lattenene’s Cup of Chat for how-to.

Bertjan Pot duct tape rug

Bertjan Pot duct tape rug. Source:

Bertjan Pot duct tape rug: though a bit more sophisticated in concept, this once Persian rug was uplifted artistically into an exhibit-ready piece of decor art. The cool couch is no slouch either.

Washi tape glasses

Washi tape glasses. Source:

Washi tape glasses: okay, so this isn’t exactly duct tape, but it sure inspires us to think chic, especially with summer parties right around the corner. Additional benefit: if one of these glasses falls and breaks…easy clean-up! Visit fresh HOME ideas for how-to.

Duct taped picture frame

Duct taped picture frame. Source:

Duct taped picture frame: take an afternoon and go nuts on an easy project that’ll stick out in a good way. Visit CountryWoman for full how-to.

Refurbished duct taped card table

Refurbished duct taped card table. Source:

Refurbished duct taped card table: it may be a bit of a stretch to call this glamorous, but, hey, it’s a card table brought back to life with designer tape…simple and economical. In my book…that spells glam! Visit diy inspired for full how-to.

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Written By Skaie Knox

Founder of HomeJelly and a professional decor/design/repurposing DIYer. Skaie Knox has published an e-series called "Project Pillow" and is also a signed and published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!).

  • ZJ

    Hi, I am a big fan of designer tape and I have almost 50 rolls. I am so thankful that I live next to a target and near some more local stores that sell the tape. So many designs! I love to add more class to my gift wrapping by using the tape, such as animal print, polka dot and all of the other interesting designs. I love duck tape and I cant wait for more to come out.

    • Skaie Knox

      I’m glad you’re pleased, and I like your idea of using it when wrapping presents…the animal print tape would be great on plain brown paper or newspaper, green alternatives to store-bought! Thanks for stopping by!

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