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Swivel mirror bookcase

Swivel mirror bookcase. source: pbteen.com

Functional and fabulous, you or your teen will love this! Price: $509.00, available at PBteen.com.

Mirrored chandelier

Mirrored chandelier. source: madegoods.com

Glamorous and just a touch bit industrial, this “Fiona” chandelier will be a feature piece in your space. Refer to madegoods.com for price/tear sheets.

Mirage mirrored 2-drwer console table

Mirage mirrored 2-drwer console table. source: amazon.com

Lauded as a 4 1/2 star beauty, you can double her as a desk and vanity that sparkles at a reasonable price. Price: $204.92 – 229.99, available at amazon.com. Click here to purchase!

Mirror nightstand

Mirror nightstand. source: designedtothenines.com

Save money by DIYing your very own mirrored nightstand. Visit Designed to the Nines for full how-to.

Mirrored lamp

Mirrored lamp. source: worldmarket.com

Modern and cooly industrial chic, you’ll be able to stay en vogue with this reflective rascal for years. Price: $49.99, available at worldmarket.com.

Mirrored pallets

Mirrored pallets. source: garthglobal.com

Eh. I just threw this in for fun…don’t know exactly how I feel about these, but since they were made for an art installation, I suppose it’s all relative. Or is it objective? Still, they’re inspiring for some reason. For more info. on the artist, visit his quirky site, garthglobal.com.

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