Home Sweet Home In A Storage Container

Design Inspiration Quirky / Funky

Repurposing is very cool when the outcome results in something practical, strong, sustainable, and beautiful. Check out these super awesome storage containers that now hold and house people! Eight feet tall and wide, and 20 to 40 feet long, these aren’t steel “McMansions”, but with designers designing “outside the box”, the use of space within and around these cargo containers are quite impressive and livable.

The added benefit? When you wanna move, simply rent a truck to literally pick up your house!

A perfect bachelor’s (or bachelorette’s) pad. Photo: busyboo.com

Mod pod. Photo: mocoloco.com

Office space. Photo: thedailygreen.com

Murphy bed ready home sweet home. Photo: beautifulabodes.blogspot.com

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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Written By Skaie Knox

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