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Whimsical hallway hooks create an instant functional entryway

Whimsical hallway hooks create an instant functional entryway. source: openhouse.homegoods.com

A show hosted by organizing Aussie, Peter Walsh, called “Enough Already” has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s new network “OWN“, offering lots of fantastic tips on keeping our homes tidy and purposeful. Throughout each episode, he successfully helps, guides, and counsels homeowners accomplish the enormous and emotional task of wading through and purging their clutter in lightning speed.

Peter often points out (paraphrased): “Flat surfaces are not for storage. The biggest flat surface is the floor, so it is important to find alternative areas to place your things.”

Hmm…I’m guessing, when it comes to the flat surface of a wall – a very useful area for organizing – he meant we should build or place shelving along with bins, baskets, dividers. Cupboards and dressers are certainly good organizing options as well.

There’s one other fabulous way to use this flat surface: how about hooks?  Today’s blog offers a sample of simple wall decorations that gives the hook to clutter and lets the utilitarian-cool take center stage.

Easy as 1, 2, 3! I love this design for hooks, for it’s graphic design and practicality. Give each person in the house a number, and that’s where they hang their stuff! Try letters for each person’s name for another way to keep everyone organized. Photo courtesy of home-dzine.co.za.

Functional hallway coat rack

Functional hallway coat rack. source: warwer.com

Top: Function and form have got me hooked and are great to add dimension to an entryway or hallway. Bottom: Practical can also be beautiful, especially when the task of finding things becomes a joy. Photos courtesy of warwer.com.

I love when resused materials like these door knobs transforms into something new and fantastic!

This is a perfect example of why I love modern design. Intelligent, sleek, practical, and beautiful = hooky. Photo courtesy of stylehive.com.

This photo is dedicated to my teammate and friend Greg Louganis who will be a guest on the Oprah Show this Tuesday. Diving is not only beautiful, it’s useful! Photo courtesy of ama-zing-arts.blogspot.com.

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