Garden Hose Holder Makeover Gives Good Sunny Face

Before & After How-To
Lawn hose cover makeover before and after

Lawn hose cover makeover before and after.

I’ve done this numerous times. Buy things I think I’m going to makeover (DIY) into something fabulous…but, then discover that I don’t have the time, or that I don’t have an idea of what to do and/or where to put it. Lucky for me, I refuse to let this discourage me from purchasing not-move-in-ready items, especially when they’re eventually transformed into “afters” like today’s garden hose holder makeover project! Boom!

The added icing-on-the-cake bonus? This cement garden sun didn’t cost me a thing, thanks to my buddy, Joe Harding, who had a garage sale and threw it in as a “friend-freebie”. Because of his generosity, I’ve felt compelled to use it somehow.

Well, a year later, I decided to spruce up our steps for spring, and thought this little piece of cement soleil would be a charming way to cover our hum-drum hose reel. Adding only a touch of color would, in my opinion, maintain a certain rusticity, all the while brightening up this part of our curb appeal with a little bit of whimsy. Yep…if you know me and my sense of decor…that’s how I like to shine.


• cement garden decor piece

• craft paint

• brushes

• screw

• screwdriver


1. Dust and wipe clean your decor piece.

Dull cement sun

Dull cement sun – dusted and ready to make over.

2. Choose where you’d like to add a bit of color. I also considered painting the lips, but, I opted for the cheeks for a sunnier look. Either one would work…not sure both would – might be too much color. I then painted in blue eyes and some added dots to draw them out and add something unique. (Note: as a former face painter, I loved adding white dots like these – see below photos – to infuse a tribal effect.)

Add a little color to its cheeks

Add a little color to its cheeks.

And a bit of blue sky eyes

And a bit of blue sky eyes.

3. Add a screw onto your hose holder to hang your decor piece. Note: once I hung the sun, I also glued a wine cork to the back of it to lift the bottom half and allow the face to be seen better from a distance.

Attach a screw to hang your decor piece

Attach a screw to hang your decor piece.


Cute hose cover (but not as cute as Klunkers!)

Cute hose cover (but not as cute as Klunkers!).

Here-comes-the-sun hose cover

Here-comes-the-sun hose cover.

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us if you have any ideas for covering a hose holder…and leave your ideas in the comments below. Thanks!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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