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Vintage letters

Vintage letters.

Sourcing out furniture for our home re-decor project has given me quite an education in design. I started out with a vision and have surprisingly stayed on course, but I’ve definitely gravitated toward the kind of funky furniture that crosses over to some pretty fine pieces (in my humble, self-taught opinion!).

Many examples here are by fantastic designer, Timothy Oulton. In general, though, my mission to create a mid-century modern, urban-industrial, Scandinavian vibe is where I’m going. Still, with oh-soooo much to choose from, let alone the ease of access to discover, drool over and buy stuff on-line (via DiggersList, Amazon, 1st Dibs, Fab., One King’s Lane, Etsy, At West End, V&M, Ebay, etcetera, etceteraaaah!) the learning curve has been steep. Not surprisingly, I’ve also found myself bouncing on cloud 9 for weeks!

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Today, I thought I’d share a recent “decor recon” visit to HD Buttercup‘s Los Angeles show room and give you a little heavenly “funky furniture window shopping” experience of your own.

Mod painted vintage lockers

Mod painted vintage lockers.

Repurposed tennis racket art piece

Repurposed tennis racket art piece.

Fireworks pendant lighting

Fireworks pendant lighting.

Acrylic and branches side table

Resin and branches side table.

Book case filled with vintage books

Book case filled with vintage books.

Molded plastic MCM chair

Molded plastic MCM chair.

Painted tree stump side table

Painted tree stump side table.

Any of these catch your fancy?

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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Written By Skaie Knox

Skaie Knox is a storyteller on a quest to provide sparkling content through copywriting, songwriting and video production. She is founder of HomeJelly,'s key copywriter, a published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!). For doable DIY video tutorials, subscribe to her HomeJelly YouTube channel (for link, click on my nose!).

  • ajie

    wow nice , how to make Resin and branches side table.
    have you more info ,

    may I share your article

    • Skaie Knox

      Hi Ajie! Glad you enjoyed this post! You may use a portion of this blog, including a linkback. Thank you for asking. I like your blog, too! Cheers!

    • Aaron Powell

      Acrylic and branches side table.. so cool This Is Beautiful, I See Big Ideas on extending this as A Market aspect, tabletops Wuth Personalized Items, Even The Stoner Market Marijuana leaf Table Top, For Willie Nelson lol, Football theme’s Nature,, Musicial Insterments anything that Touches the soul, Love The Inspiration of seeing the one piece…Great artistic idea you guys are fantastic

      • Skaie Knox

        Gee, Aaron…you’re so kind! We love all kinds-a-cool items and these definitely qualify! Thanks for stopping on in and leaving your thoughts!

  • Terry Mann

    Hi Skaie,

    Loved the Resin and branches side table. I couldn’t find it on the HD Buttercup site. Do you know if it’s available for order?

    Best Regards,

  • Jessie

    Beautiful stuff – 80% of the items in these photographs are from a company called Timothy Oulton 🙂

    • Skaie Knox

      Thank you, Jessie…and thanks for the added information. We will verify and add his link. Cheers!

  • Frank M

    How do I get my hands on that BEAUTIFUL sidetable, the branches in resin. I wish you were local to me in Dallas, Tx!!!!

    • Skaie Knox

      Hi Frank!

      I love that side table, too! See the links I posted after Terry Mann’s comment above. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Melanie

    Needing that resin & branches end table. or who to contact to get one made.
    The boss is lookin for it 😉


    • Skaie Knox

      Hi Melanie! There have been some inquiries on this table (note to self: be sure to ask the nice lady behind the counter who the designer is and to get their contact info. for my readers!!!). For some (hopefully) helpful info., look at my reply after Terry Mann’s question. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  • Murat Yazıcı
    • HomeJelly

      Thanks for noticing this wonderful work!

  • Gian Patricio Vergara Bessolo

    extraordinariamente extravagante

    • HomeJelly

      Thank you, Gian!

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