4 Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful Background for Your Virtual Video Chats

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Beautiful video chat background

Beautiful video chat background does more than impress… source: homejelly.com

During this unfortunate shelter-at-home time of COVID-19, many fortunate people who are able to continue working remotely have done so via video chat. This temporary “new normal” has also given many a personal peek into our home lives, which has created a bit of a design challenge.

Unless you’re able to Zoom or Google Meet in a nicely designed home office, living room or bedroom, viewer(s) are often left looking at a background of clutter, undone laundry or perhaps just a blank wall. That’s not super exciting or inspiring, is it?!?

The other day, my husband Matt, whose new office is our garage, mentioned to me that he was tired of video chatting with high-profile clients having boxes, bins and sports gear stacked on shelves behind him. After the last “Are you sitting in a closet?” comment, he’d had enough.

We did some creative thinking and budget ‘n time considerations, then came up with this simple idea: create a beautiful background to impress! Not only did it hide all kinds of garage debris, it also created an impressive backdrop while chatting online with co-workers, clients, friends and family. 

Video Background hides garage stuff

…it also hides all kinds of garage stuff but still make access super easy! source: homejelly.com

Well, in just moments, you can create something beautiful that will have your chat viewers saying, “Wow! Is that a virtual background or is that real?”

Here are several ways to DIY or acquire one for your home – click onto the photos for instructions:

1. DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

Find fun and gorgeous fabric to DIY a wall hanging.


This beautiful wall hanging can be customized to your needed size, style and color palette! I’m SO gonna make one of these! source: sugarandcloth.com

2. DIY Drop Cloth Wall Decor

DIY paint a drop cloth canvas into an amazing wall hanging. Source: HGTV Handmade 

 3. Fabric-Wrapped Artwork

Wrap gorgeous fabric around a frame like fine artwork.

Instant Fabric Art wall hanging

Such an easy idea. You can DIY a frame (click this photo for instructions) or stretch some gorgeous fabric over an old canvas art piece you’ve gotten tired of looking at (btw…this will not ruin the art, just cover it). source: liagriffith.com

4. Artist-Designed Wall Tapestry

Order a wall tapestry the size to fit your needs – (btw, at this site, each purchase pays the artist…cool!). This is what we chose to do, mostly because of time. Prices range from $35.99 to $68.79 (on sale) depending on size. The largest is 88″ x 104″ – a great price for this large and bright ‘n colorful tapestry.  


So many wall tapestry designs available! This is what we chose to do, mostly because of time. Prices range from $35.99 to $68.79 (on sale) depending on size. The largest is 88″ x 104″ – a great price for this large and brightly colorful tapestry.  source: society6.com

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? Comment below!

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Written By Skaie Knox

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