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Bicycle Wall Decor Wooden Sign

Bicycle Wall Decor Wooden Sign. source: RustyWalnut, etsy

Bicycle Wall Decor Wooden Sign, Green

Bicycle Wall Decor Wooden Sign, Green. source: RustyWalnut, etsy

Bicycle Wall Decor Wooden Sign: Graphic and fun, you’ll have bike-loads of admirers with this hung on your wall. Dimensions: 20 inches x 12 inches x 3/4 inch. Price: $64 and available in 11 additional colors. You can purchase one of these slightly distressed bikes at RustyWalnut on etsy.

Bikes Organic Tea Towel

Bikes Organic Tea Towel. source:

Bikes Organic Tea Towel: Cycle into your kitchen tea towels these hand-printed, colorful and charming vintage bikes. Price: $15 on sale p/towel. Order one while they last at

Bicycle Coir Mat. source:

Bicycle Coir Mat

1'6"x2'6" Bicycle Coir Mat, Tan & Black

1’6″x2’6″ Bicycle Coir Mat, Tan & Black. source:

Bicycle Coir Mat: Handwoven and hardy, this coir mat is perfect for welcoming summer guests. Price: $32 on sale. Pick one up online at

BICYCLE design vintage throw pillow cushion cover linen cotton

BICYCLE design vintage throw pillow cushion cover linen cotton. source: bestlove2u, etsy

Bicycle Design Vintage Throw Pillow Cushion Cover: Add a vintage summer touch to an existing sofa or cozy chair pillow with this linen cotton cover. Size: 11.81″x 17.72″ Price: $18 Find one at bestlove2u on etsy.

Repurposed bicycle table "Remember-the-day". source:

Repurposed bicycle table “Remember-the-day” Ben Bullins

Repurposed Bicycle Table: Functional art is just way too fun, especially when it arrives by bicycle! Price: $1,500. To purchase, click in to

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