5 Simple Shoe Rack Solutions

Picture rail shoe rack

Picture rail shoe rack. source: marthastewart.com

Oh, the woes of shoe storage often leave many of us girls (and some of you foot fashion-forward boys out there) pining for Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in Sex in the City. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a “Mr. Big” to design and buy one for us, so I thought I’d sniff around the web for some simple solutions that could fit most any budget. The catch? You’re gonna have to get your DIY “hat” on and either build, install, or repurpose these racks into reality. No worries…you can make any one of these in a New York minute.

1. Picture rail shoe rack (top photo): with so many styles, finishes, and colors (or you can paint them), picture rails not only house your fabulous footwear, they add architectural charm that’s worthy of displaying outside your closet.

Crate shoe racks

Crate shoe racks. source: abeautifulliving.blogspot.ca

2. Crate shoe racks: rustic and showroom ready, these vintage crates are character filled and will accommodate your tallest heels and boots to boot!

Wood wedge shoe rack

Wood wedge shoe rack. source: notmartha.org

3. Wood wedge shoe rack: if you’ve got kicks that you’d like kept off the ground, but behind closet doors (gym and barefoot worn shoes come to mind…), here’s a do-it-yourself project that’s clever and custom-made to fit your size whatevers!

Ladder shoe rack

Ladder shoe rack. source: trinethorsen.com

4. Ladder shoe rack: okay, so you’re just needing a wee bit extra space…here’s a great way to step up your organization of up to a dozen or so shoes.

Cottage bench shoe rack

Cottage bench shoe rack. source: ana-white.com

5. Cottage bench shoe rack: I love a double-duty DIY project that I can sit on and store shoes in, perfect for a mudroom or at the foot of the bed.

Skaie Knox

Written by Skaie Knox

Decor/design nerd, freelance writer, and the Editor-in-Chief/Curator for the HomeJelly blog and soon-to-open, HomeJelly shoppe. Skaie is also a published singer/songwriter and kid's book author. She was voted "Class Clown", and is a rescue dogs crusader.


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