Upcycled Planters Can Be Found In The Most Ordinary Places

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Wheel barrel planter

Wheel barrel planter.

I’m a sucker for unique planters. I really love it when ordinary objects are brought to new heights, simply because of an hibiscus or succulent that instantly dresses it up like a skilled celebrity stylist. Today’s peek at some around-the-town snapshots I took of such planters will hopefully inspire and bring you some outdoor decor joy.

{Wheel barrel planter} (top photo): I was delighted by this mobile and earthy planter placed outside of LA Farmer’s Market’s  Short Order restaurant.

Wood crate and tin can planter

Wood crate and tin can planter.

{Wood crate and tin can planter}: So simple. Painted tin cans cheer up a vintage, made-into-a wagon beverage crate which results in this cutie-patootie planter! A one of a kind I found at the Long Beach Antiques Market.

Horse trow planter

Horse trow planter.

{Horse trow planter}: This corrugated container has an industrial vibe, and does an excellent job greeting Manhattan Beach’s Circa Restaurant guests.

Jelly jar herb planter

Jelly jar herb planter.

{Jelly jar herb planter}: Inside Circa, cooks actually grow herbs inside mason jars that double as hanging window dressing.

Wagon planter and transporter

Wagon planter and transporter.

{Wagon planter and transporter}: This was a happy accident! As I was transporting plants from my truck to the backyard using my beach wagon, I discovered an whole new use for it during the cooler months…this whimsical planter!

What ordinary objects have you used as planters?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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