Room of the Day: Scandinavian Christmas Bedroom Santa Would Love

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Scandinavian Christmas bedroom

Scandinavian Christmas bedroom. source:

When decorating our homes for the holidays, we often overlook one cozy space in our homes: our bedrooms! Today’s featured room really shows us how easily we can “Santafy” our sleeping quarters with the help of a couple hung stockings, a doily or paper snowflake garland, a mini tree (so cute!), and/or some twinkly lights and candles. Throw a seasonally colored throw at the foot of the bed, some same colored pillows at the head, then warm up the floors with a matching rug, and you’ve got yourself a festive place to snooze and/or read. So, the takeaway should be that for virtually for nothing, we create something special!

Christmas decorating in the bedroom

Christmas decorating in the bedroom with different bedding and added snowflakes! source:

Christmas decorating in the bedroom - headboard snowflakes

Christmas decorating in the bedroom – headboard snowflakes. source:

How do you decorate your bedroom during the holidays?

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