Funky Twist On Urban Beautification

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Home improvement for some has gone far beyond their own front door. Just look how these creative DIY urban beautification visionaries turned cracks, potholes, and graffiti into something super-funky and spectacular.

Photo: Skaie Knox,

Graffiti art at theĀ  “Sundance Film Festival”, make discarded cigarettes look “artsy”.

Photos: and respectively.

These are “Lego Patches”, mini art installations snapped onto cracks in walls, sidewalks, and streets. An example of seeing the world through eyes of a child.

Artist and photo: Edina Tokodi,

With the insertion of this moss figure transposed onto graffiti, art materializes.

Artist and photo: Juliana Santacruz,

Yarn filled potholes is just…super awesome.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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Written By Skaie Knox

Skaie Knox is a storyteller on a quest to provide sparkling content through copywriting, songwriting and video production. She is founder of HomeJelly,'s key copywriter, a published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!). For doable DIY video tutorials, subscribe to her HomeJelly YouTube channel (for link, click on my nose!).