5 Sleek Storage Solutions For Your Schwinn

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For those of us who live without the convenience and extra space of a garage, the hassle of storing our sports gear, and more specifically, our bicycles, often means sacrificing precious “moving-around-without-snagging-a-pant leg-or-tripping” room. Thank goodness there are innovative bike aficionados who have come up with some clever and design-friendly solutions to racking our two-wheelers. Check out these 5 bike hanging systems that provide swag and sleekness, while saving square footage and sanity for small, storage-challenged spaces.

The Bike Shelf: Its dual-purpose, modern design allows bike owners to mount their cycles like art, and also use the shelf for displaying items like books (see top photo), pictures, or nick-knacks, or keeping bike accessories handy. Above, Top and thumbnail photo and to purchase: theknifeandsaw.com

Under the staircase storage: This usually wasted space is now a clever bike rack that is both functional and offers an Escher-type quality. Photo: via whereisthecool.com

The “Bedford Ave Bike Rack”: Made of birch ply and veneer, this billiards triangle-looking rack can be custom made to perfectly fit your bike. Its simple and seamless design is perfect for mounting on walls. Photo and to purchase: seven-one-eight.com

Cycloc: Not only is this cycle storage system floor-freeing, its round shape is fun and the bright colors give that “POC” (pop of color) to your room. Photo: apartmenttherapy.com, to purchase: cycloc.com

The Bike Valet: Elegantly and technologically designed, this very sleek rack is laser cut, heated, bent into shape by hand, then finished off with a leather or neoprene pad to gently nestle your bike baby, taking up very little of your much needed space. Photo and to purchase: kickstarter.com

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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