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There’s nothing like a great deal when designing (or redesigning) a room.  Take a look at these hot picks posted by DiggersList users that are both aesthetically and economically pleasing.

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Uncommon seating (like these concert chairs) refurbished with fun, whimsical colors and new cushions add interesting lines and unexpected architectural sophistication.

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One DIYer’s leftover imperial stackstone can inspire another (for less) to make something spectacular like this unique focal wall.

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With some imagination, reclaimed wood and paint overage can be transformed into a very distinct and one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

NOTE: Find the DiggersList Hot Picks for the DIY project above: Reclaimed Wood & Assortment of Paints.

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Go bold with lighting (like this Tiffany-style shade) to add pops of color and an eclectic sense of style to your space for as little as .50 on the dollar.

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This beautiful sea green window or hall bench will welcome any passerby to have a seat or neatly tuck away items for easy access.

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Written By Skaie Knox

Founder of HomeJelly and a professional decor/design/repurposing DIYer. Skaie Knox has published an e-series called "Project Pillow" and is also a signed and published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!).