Barn Doors…Not Just for Farm Animals

Design Inspiration

You won’t catch any aromatic hint of hay or horses in these homes, despite the fact that their owners have mounted barn doors throughout and in several unexpected areas and rooms. They’re not only aesthetically interesting and beautiful, they’re quite practical when it comes to saving and using awkward space. Additionally, these mobile partitions are perfect for when you need privacy, room dividing, or keeping items hidden with style. I’d have to say that “Old MacDonald” would be quite impressed with these repurposed portals!

(Living Room}: mount something from the past like this old and very heavy antique door…even the decorative hinges are original. Photo:

{Oversized Entryways}: open concepts are great, but when you’d like to close off oversized entryway areas like hallways, stairways, and landings, sliding doors are a clever and practical solution. Photo: via

{Pantry}: when you need items hidden but you don’t want to compromise on design, install something fantastic like this horse stall door. The other upside? No need for a perfect fit, just hang over the space and adjust the track for desired height. Photo:

{Bathroom}: not only is this yellow barn door a feature, it’s also a great way to increase precious washroom square footage. Photo:

{Laundry Room}: remove those old white doors that are difficult to manuver around and through with an armful of laundry. These colorful and artsy sliders are much more attractive, functional, and you can even keep them slightly open for added circulation. Photo: Jonny Valiant,

{Closet}: to add a touch of quirky character to your bedroom closet, hang a couple stable doors. Photo:

{TV}: here’s another reason to love flat-screens: beautifully hung reclaimed barn doors transform this media room into high “old-world” style. The kicker? They look great open or closed. Photo:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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