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DIY Video: How to Easily Repair A Wooden Fence

Last weekend, while spending some summer-time in our back yard, I noticed several boards in our fence were bulging, cracked, and loose.

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DIY Patio Design: Cool Indoor to Outdoor Decor Ideas

For those of you who live in urban "concrete jungles", new DiggersList friend and user Courtney Cachet shares her very cool indoor to outdoor decor ideas for your patio or deck, creating a more rural feel for this space.

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Do-It-Yourself Accidents-Think Prevention

I stumbled upon a video montage displaying several on-site accidents of do-it-yourself-ers. As you watch, in many cases, the accidents could have been prevented. I'm often urging my husband, who LOVES to climb on roofs (via ladders, gates, walls, etc.) to please be careful and concentrate.