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Weekend DIY Project: VW Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse

In the world of VW buses, the Type 2 1971 Westfalia, with disc brakes and air cooled engine, in my opinion, is the top dog of all VW buses. So, when I came across this DIY project (mind you, this one's for advanced DIYers), I just had to honk my horn

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Room of the Day: Kids' Patriotic Pad

Uncle Sam would have loved to bunk in this cool patriotic pad, a perfect summer sleepover space for kids and guests of all ages. Celebrate the season and America by dressing each bed in red, white, and blue themed bedding,

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Bunk Beds Bobby Brady Wished He Had

Yes, Bobby Brady will always be remembered for his incessant bedtime badgering of his TV brother and bunk partner Peter. No privacy, limited moving around room, and very little panache.