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Weekend DIY Project: VW Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse

In the world of VW buses, the Type 2 1971 Westfalia, with disc brakes and air cooled engine, in my opinion, is the top dog of all VW buses. So, when I came across this DIY project (mind you, this one's for advanced DIYers), I just had to honk my horn

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How To Repurpose A Dresser Into A Kitchen Island

I was so excited when I came across this repurposing idea from Small Place Style; I had to share it with you "DiggersListers" immediately. What I especially love about this simple how-to is how stylishly fantastic it is and how you can customize its look, color and functionality to your personal style.

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Outdoor DIY Project: Lay Down A Recycled Brick Path

Rental properties. Lease as is. For those of us non-homeowners, renting a property can be esthetically challenging when the landlord is less than enthusiastic about paying for upkeep, updating, and/or sprucing-up the place we call home. Nevertheless, I have always believed in the philosophy, "My home is my castle," whether I own it or not.