Jenny Yang

About Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang is a writer, comedian and the principal organizer behind ORGANIZED. By Jenny [ or]. Founded in 2008, ORGANIZED. By Jenny is a professional home and office organizing service specializing in coaching creatives, businesses and busy families for healthy, productive and inspired living.

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    The Tao of Spring Closet Organizing

    This might sound crazy, some stuff in our closets can be “crumpled” in a pile and STILL be considered “organized.” What?! Did this Professional home and office organizer say that I can let some of my

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    Create a Guest Room Out of Nothing: Tips for All Budgets

    Oh, dear. Guests are coming for the holidays and we don’t have a spare bedroom! What is a holiday host to do? Whether you have a champagne or beer budget, here are some strategies for finding space for guests and being a gracious host this holiday season.