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The Fun Theory: Piano Stairs Design Alters People's Behavior

Stairs. Who knew they could inspire so much fun? From last week's blog "Create a Stairway that's Heavenly" that showed us how we can add creative whimsy...

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Videos: Cool, Interesting, Innovative Furniture & Lighting Designs

We at DiggersList have great respect for the abilities of builders, designers, and DIYers to create "usable art". These videos recently came across our desks and we felt compelled to share them to both inspire and entertain you. We welcome you to send in a video of your unique and innovative creations that could be featured on an upcoming blog. For now, watch and be amazed!

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Quick-tip Part Two: The Wondergrass-Bamboo Cropping Up Everywhere

Yesterday, I wrote about the many uses of bamboo in your home with regard to design, furniture, flooring, and accessories. In my research, I was amazed to find an astounding number of ways we're turning this prolific plant into useful and eco-friendly gadgets, tools, utensils, thingamajigs, and doodads in and outside our homes.