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Outstanding Outdoor Bathrooms

When anyone mentions the idea of an outdoor bathroom, I immediately recall the image of Sir Richard Branson, on his private Necker Island, outside enjoying the warms ocean breeze, waves crashing against the rocks, sitting on his "throne" whilst donning a king's crown.

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Plumbing Materials Metamorphose Into "Living" Beach Creatures

Words cannot fully describe the sci-fi, non-human, wind-powered beach creatures Dutch kinetic sculptor, Theo Jansen creates with simple building materials such as PVC pipe, plastic sheeting, and lashing.

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Blogs We Dig: YoungHouseLove!

Today's "Blogs We Love" takes "family affair" to a whole new level. YoungHouseLove is a fantastic blog started in 2006 by very cute couple Sherry and John Petersik's desire to document their first home's renovation. They are self-proclaimed non-DIY experts,