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Dated to Delightfully Vintage China Cabinets

We've seen them far too many times. Those chunky, clunky completely outdated China cabinets that drag down the decor vibe in most rooms. Luckily, there are DIYers in this world who see the pretty potential of these "diamonds in the rough",

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A Sofa Makeover From Ugh-o to Fab-O!

When it comes to buying "gently used", second-hand or even vintage furniture, there's always those pieces that stretch the imagination of whether they can be salvaged into something really posh or simply acceptable enough to place in our homes.

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Instead of Throwing Out That Tired-Looking Console...Revitalize It

Before you throw away a tired piece of furniture or one you might run across on DiggersList, use your imagination and try and come up with a way to bring that old piece back to life...usually, a coat of paint will do the trick.