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Intermixing New and Old Is So Now

What is it about those old lines, patterns, and colors? You know, the vintage design-type (which one specifically, I suppose, depends largely on your age), that calls upon us, like reminiscing to an old, favorite song.

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Ties with a Natural Twist

These days many of us are overloaded with gadgets and overburdened by their connecting cables and cords. Though regular bread loaf ties can do the trick, Asian design team Lufdesign created the "Leaf Tie", a product that fuses industry with nature, using the simple, tried

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Bizartchitecture: Life-Sized Ken and Barbie Dream Home

Ken and Barbie could never dream of home like this, but just a short car ride north of the American border of North Dakota lies a life-sized, 1960's abandoned and thus, inspired Dollhouse created by Heather Benning, temporary artist-in-residence